Sunday, 26 July 2020

More Retail Bankrupcies in July...!

Big chains filed for bankruptcy and closed stores every week in July. Here are 9 of them

New York (CNN Business)Coronavirus, massive amounts of debt and a shift in shopping habits created a lethal cocktail of bankruptcies and store closures in July.
So far this year, 21 private and public retailers have filed for Chapter 11 according to That's more than double the number that filed for the same time period last year. In total, 20 retailers filed for bankruptcy protection in 2019.

....and nothing is happening or going worse...!!!!!!?????

....i dont know what PAPA TANGO Gov are going to do... ??? I mean cronies, junkies, bitches and gays "red tape" already are a society load, aint going to do it....and are worthless...!!!

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