Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Update March 2020 - World Nuclear Warfare ARMAGEDDON - Ultimate State of NO-FEAR!

WMD world map.svg

Update March 2020 - World Nuclear Warfare ARMAGEDDON - Ultimate State of NO-FEAR!

Armor, Artillery, Biological, Cavalry, Chemical,
Conventional, CyberDenial, Disinformation,
Electronic, Infantry, Lawfare, Music, Nuclear,
Psychological, Unconventional, Refugees as weapons.

Some simple scenarios for a Ultimate State of NO-FEAR

[1] Old resent Military Logic:
On a Atomic or other crippling act to be inflicted on American soil or North America,
to respond in full force obliterating the enemy or enemies in mass if not completely.

Not taking into account the domino effect and result of a World wide partial or
complete destruction.

[2] Cause a meltdown in all World Nuclear Uranium production to a very minimum.
Which is not as equal as eliminating all Atomic arsenals. I cannot explain this one more.

[3] Increase controls at borders and cargo arrivals to a complete inspection. Means a
enormous Commercial grid lock bigger than there is today.

[4] More local Military controls and updates in inter-communications and emergency forms
of Commanding in the Government and Military orders and intelligence sharing.

[5] Only one backup to all Military Command and War responses. Be it like the Pentagon,
Secret Backup Government. Or delegate secretly to a East, West, South Coast Sub-commands
and North Command. Plus a Central inland command.

[6] Use a World non-compliance of any Nuclear heads to be on standby, partially off, or
completely off/cold. To avoid further a one man rogue action resulting in bigger wide
spread consequences. Playing the card of the one location/locations/last minute survival
stand and response. Upon a big hit to North American Soil, Big Government Overthrow to
the USA and North America, etc. The final frontier, of the last few remaining, to hit back
and destroy all enemies.

[7]  We have not considered countries ALLIES and NATO, in this defense scenarios of
State of NO-FEAR! As the variables of bait scenarios, misleading scenarios, and exposing
yourself for others, Weakening Wars, is more risky, and the variables multiply in number.

[8] Under the state of NO-FEAR enter into play, the common board games like chess, etc.
In which you have to sacrifice, consider the losses and winnable scenarios more clearly,
bait, gambit, outsmart, face directly, ignore, expendable, misguided attack, force a
solution/situation, escape, dig in, relocate, and all any other logic.

[9] Major country incursions or sleeper cells, for direct covert action even up to magnicides.

[10] Control World supplies of essentials. And have backup forms of production anywhere
and underground.

[11] Bunkers and Mountain locations of stashes of all Military, and Civilian needs. Which
can be or not expendable.


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